LONGEARTM platform DSP Algorithm R&D 4G Network Test
GIS SW development SDR USRP/UHD Platform Joint MU Detection

LongearTM SDR Signal Collection and Processing Platform

Version 2.0 has been released drive1
  • Multithreading C++ SW with UHDTM driver and USRPTM SDR
  • Optimized for multicore Intel processors with AVX and AVX2 capabilities
  • Multiple concurrent signal processing tasks
  • Custom hand-optimized FFT functions
  • Embedded postgreSQL/postgisTM open source database
  • Integrated MapnikTM open source GIS component
  • Scalable; from a dual-core laptop to multi-xeon workstations
  • 1 GBit/s interface

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Broadband Wireless Focus

drive test
  • Full broadband signal acquisition, storage, and analysis
  • OFDMA Physical layer and UMTS RRC protocol
  • OFDM Joint Detection signal demodulation and detection
  • LTE-A R&D
  • High-dynamic range coverage and interference drive-test systems

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Wavenetix will be presenting at WInnComm '15 conference in San Diego on March 26. The title of the paper is HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE PLATFORM FOR OFDMA SIGNAL COLLECTION AND PROCESSING USING JOINT DETECTION.