USRPTM Open Source Software Radio

Integrated with Wavenetix LongearTM SDR platform using open source UHDTMdriver at the source level


  • Vendor: Ettus Research, a division of National Instruments
  • Used in government markets and research fields
  • Low cost, direct-conversion open-source software radio
  • Outputs I and Q signal samples for storage and processing on the host side (including remotely in the CLOUD)
  • Soft embedded 32-bit microcontroller core and room for additional user-configurable FPGA functions
  • Wide tuning range from 400 MHz to 4 GHz for the RF tuner used in this configuration
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface to the PC allows sampling rate up to 50 Msps
  • Single channel, but several radios can be connected by an extension cable forming a coherent MIMO set up
  • Embedded optional GPS daughter card for frequency reference and positional data (included in Longear configurations)
  • Requires an external RF bandpass filter for optimal performance
  • Permits HW modifications by the user to increase channel density or change RF BW