Wireless Network Test and Optimization Services

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Drive-test and drive-test-related services

OH-Google WiMAX drive

Wavenetix lends its significant expertise of conducting industry trials and of equipment design and evaluation to wireless operators and vendors.

We can perform drive-testing, but more importantly, help post processing the data and solving hard problems in the field.

We offer understanding of wireless technology and test tools and a track record of creativity and inventing new measurement techniques and data processing algorithms.

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Test equipment performance evaluation

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Trying to separate test equipment problems from those of the network is a rather common task. Comparing the characteristics of different test tools in the field or in the lab is also something that tool users have to do often. Sometimes measurement equipment specs are inaccurate or exagerated. Othertimes performance is not consistent across time or distance.

The most confusion occurs around such parameters as the measurement dynamic range, the false-detections rate, signal acquisition versus signal tracking performance; one needs to be an expert in the system design for drive-test equipment in order to see these distinctions easily.

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This kind of specialized experience is not often available at operators' engineering departments. Wavenetix offers expert help to wireless operators and other test and measurement tool users.